Flying Blimp Walrus Could Have Assisted in Evacuations


What is a Walrus Super Blimp? It is a giant heavy lift Blimp being evaluated by the United States Department of Defense's special research division; DARPA. What is DARPA? Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. You see they have been looking at how to move more for less? Imagine having to move millions of tons of fighting gear to the battle area? Well giant blimps may hold the key, because they are cheap to operate, can carry lots of weight and save lots of money.

The Walrus Super Blimps will soon be out to bid to see who can come up with a suitable design and plan. It is too bad we did not have four or five of them to pick up all the people in New Orleans who did not have a ride out of the city before Hurricane Katrina. Imagine giant blimps picking them all up and taking them to Atlanta, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio? Then when that darn levee broke which most people suspected it might a blimp could have had 20 cargo containers filled with sand and simply lowered them into the breach to slow down the water flow and then used sand bags to fill in the spaces between? Or it might have picked up broken pieced of I-10 bridge sections and laid them on their sides covering the hole in the levee? Then the Army Corp of Engineers could quickly shore up the levee system and get the pumps and power back working and all those lives would have been saved?

Why don't we have a couple of squadrons of heavy lifting blimps for such things? Don't worry we will, but it may take a couple of years. Boy are they going to be a life saver? Think on this.


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