Downed Pilots Hibernating From the Enemy


When we watch Oliver North's "War Stories" or the "Wings Discovery Channel" we often see the problematic issues with downed pilots trying to evade the enemy. They have limited if any food supply and lots of people looking for them. There is a solution or there will be soon as hibernation techniques and technologies become better. Recently Mark Roth and his medical research associates found that by administering hydrogen sulfide gas to mice in a specific ratio they could put the little mammals into suspended animation or hibernation; slowing their bodies down by over 90%.

Now then if a downed pilot could find a really good hiding spot, like a bear finds a cave for his hibernation and then go to sleep for a week or two, then by that time everyone looking for him or her will have given up. Then the pilot can radio for help for a quick rescue and extraction. Realize this technology is not yet available but will be within the next few years, especially considering the NASA budget for long-term space travel and trips to Mars. Here is how I propose it work for the downed pilots in hiding waiting it out; 1.) Hide really good; 2.) Slip into a plastic bag with a little breathing hole and 3.) Administer the gas.

The plastic bag keeps out the bugs and would be coated with Tabasco Sauce to keep vultures who smell the flesh from tying to dig up or eat the human pilot. When the hydrogen sulfide is used up the hungry pilot wakes up and then calls in for extraction when no one is suspecting he is still alive, think on this.


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