FAA Intervention in Privatized Space Flight is Ridiculous


Burt Rutan and his team of designers, engineers and test pilots at Scaled Composites did something no private group had ever done. They proved that private space flight is feasible and safe. With the help of some Billionaire entrepreneurial investors they are poised to build an entire industry of Private Space Flight. This after other said it was impossible. And for their efforts and vision they won a 10-million dollar prize in doing so. This is a true testament to private enterprise and capitalism, it proves that; "Free Enterprise beats out bureaucracy and bullshit every time!"

Although those who study free markets, free enterprise and capitalism were hardly surprised, we all expected it and it makes sense someone like Rutan and Company would be the ones to do it too. There is only one problem with this picture. During the big ceremony and media event following the third successful launch into space and safe return, the FAA was there to make a few comments. Which is fine, it is nice to have the support of your government for a change. Unfortunately what followed was typical regulatory BS that follows every successful entrepreneurial and innovative endeavor in this nation. The FAA had already started to make rules on an industry, which had only gotten off the ground three times? An industry ready to rocket out of the atmosphere was sure to have some government scrutiny, but before it started? That is a good way to keep mankind in a box or on a little blue pale dot, prison planet? But, why; who might it serve to stop free enterprise and the forward progression of mankind? It clearly serves no free man.

The reasoning behind the FAA scrutiny was to protect people on the ground incase the tourist rocket fell out of the sky and hit someone on the ground? Well that is interesting indeed? Since when has the FAA been concerned with that? The FAA is just one more example of a bureaucracy of epic proportions and I ought to know, my grandfather was in charge of an International Airport for nearly 30 years. Boy could I tell you stories dating back to the early 60's of just what a screwed up agency it really is. They have their fingers so far up the public sectors rear end it is a wonder we even have an aviation industry left? Whoops, we barely do now with airlines going bankrupt, Boeing mechanics on strike and the general aviation industry slowly rebounding. Luckily the fractional jet market has taken off, but only after the FAA ditched some of their onerous regulations.

The fact is folks, everything the government touches gets ruined. Ronald Reagan said it best.

"Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it."

The FAA needs to get their heads out of their rears and their fingers out of ours and I am not the only one who knows this. Think about it.


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